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SEEdit Maxi The XHTML Editor for Macintosh.

License: Demo
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
File size: 0K
Developer: Sven E Olsson
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Price: $29.00
Updated: 16 Oct 2006
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SEEdit Maxi The XHTML Editor for Macintosh.

With SEEdit's fast and powerful Editor Toolbox insertion of code and classes is always just one click away. SEEdit's handy advanced Tag Editor also handles CSS classes and Javascript functions. Other powerful features to assist professionals and hobbyists worldwide include Tidy Checker for standards-compliant code, the Quick CSS Tool for rapid CSS development, extensive Multilanguage support and Auto Complete.
Here are some key features of "SEEdit Maxi":
Tidy Syntax Checking
Advanced Tag Editor that handle your classes and Java functions
Link Checker
Syntax Coloring
Line Numbers
Editable Templates
Editor Toolbox that insert XHTML code and class at the same click
Quick Insert CSS Tool
and much more.

15 day demo key.

Power PC G4, G5 or Intel

OS X v. 10.3 or later

Screen resolution min 1024x768

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