SecretBook 3.0.1 review

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SecretBook is an encrypted password database for Mac OS X.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1137K
Developer: information graphics
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Price: $19.00
Updated: 16 Dec 2006
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SecretBook is an encrypted password database for Mac OS X. It allows you to easily and safely store all those little bits of information like passwords and software licenses.

Here are some key features of "SecretBook":
Store passwords, user licenses and other sensitive data
Can have multiple password databases
AddressBook like user interface
Can group secrets into categories
Drag and drop reordering of secrets within groups
Spotlight integration
AppleScript support
Blowfish encryption (using libSSL)
Secrets remain encrypted until they are viewed, data is not stored in clear text when not necessary
Many preferences allow customisation of features
Password generator can be customised to match password rules
Timer hides visible password after preset delay
Clickable URL links
Can copy passwords directly from Dock menu
Optional Keychain login.

Without a license you will be limited to adding up to 10 secrets, but all features are enabled. There is no time limit for the demo.

What's New:
New floating HUD window with search and drag and drop.
New file format supports advanced features including AES encryption. Opening older files will
upgrade to the new format.
New keyboard shortcut Command-/ goes directly to search box. Tab key handling has been improved.
Now locks on fast user switch
Secret and group Copy and Paste
Shows last change date for a secret
Field linking. Use =..Field to link one field to another. See more in the help.

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