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Virex 7 Scripts Virex 7 Scripts 1.06
These are simple scripts for Virex 7 (which MUST be installed before you run either of these scripts).
GanttPV Scripts GanttPV Scripts 061226
New features for GanttPV are most often introduced as scripts.
QuickTime Player Scripts QuickTime Player Scripts 1.1
QuickTime Player Scripts is a collection of over 50 scripts from Apple for the QuickTime Player 4.
XPress Scripts XPress Scripts 3.0
XPress Scripts is a collection of thirty AppleScripts for QuarkXPress.
BeyondPress Utility Scripts BeyondPress Utility Scripts 2.0.1
The BeyondPress Utility Scripts package contains three scripts by Sal Soghoian for the BeyondPress 2.
Martins SEC Scripts Martins SEC Scripts 1.0.1
Martins SEC Scripts is a small collection of scripts for Sony Ericsson Clicker.
Stupid Terminal Scripts Stupid Terminal Scripts 1.0
Stupid Terminal Scripts is a set of 3 terminal scripts with no actual usefulness.
WBC iTunes Scripts Collection WBC iTunes Scripts Collection 1.8
These are a number of scripts that work with iTunes, in conjunction with other programs.
LSB Scripts LSB Scripts 1.0
LSB Scripts is a set of Applescript scripts designed to automate Finder tasks without any programming.
AJL Scripts AJL Scripts 1.0
AJL Scripts is a package that contains a series of scripts written for use with QuarkXPress in a page production environment.

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