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Script Timer lets you schedule the execution of AppleScript, perl, and shell scripts, and can also be used to schedule the execution of Automator workflows (OS X 10.

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Updated: 16 Aug 2006
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Script Timer lets you schedule the execution of AppleScript, perl, and shell scripts, and can also be used to schedule the execution of Automator workflows (OS X 10.4 and up only) or applications. It can perform these actions at specific times of the day, week, month, or year, at regular intervals ranging from one minute to any number of weeks, when the computer enters or leaves an idle state, and just before the computer goes to sleep or just after it wakes up. Using a feature called Dynamic Scheduling, you can also arrange for an AppleScript script to schedule on the fly any other script, application, or workflow at a time of its choice.

Script Timer consists of three separate modules, an editor that you use to create and manipulate scheduling data files, a background scheduling engine that reads the data files and does the actual scheduling work, and a small background tool that monitors for sleep and wake notifications from the operating system.

The scheduling engine runs in the user domain, which allows it to be easily controlled by a Start/Stop button in a data file window, and provides for greater security. A log file records each action, including error messages and optional messages returned from a script, allowing for easy troubleshooting and script results recording. The application comes with more than half a dozen sample scripts that illustrate its use, including examples of Finder and third party application scripting, and the use of parameterized scripts. Also included is Track Timer, a script that provides an interface between Script Timer and iTunes for automatic music play.

Here are some key features of "Script Timer X":
versatile script scheduler allows scheduling of such diverse tasks as system maintenance, file backups, playing music, personal reminders, email and Internet downloads, and data logging
supports scheduling of AppleScript, perl, and shell scripts, any application, and in OS X 10.4 and up Automator workflows
has a user friendly drag and drop interface for easy set up of any schedule you want, including the beginning or end of an idle state, just before sleep, and just after wake up
uses a low impact stable scheduling engine running as a separate module in the user domain for added security and convenience
AppleScript scripts remember changes to their script properties between runs
can handle any number of event data files and easily switch among them, including by scheduling an AppleScript script using a custom AppleScript command
supports dynamic scheduling, allowing a script to schedule a new action on the fly
has its own log file to receive script output, allowing shorter scripts
supports international users through the use of Unicode text encoding
comes with nine bundled scripts including the iTunes controller Track Timer that aids in scheduling iTunes play lists
Registered users receive additional bonus scripts to schedule.

30 day trial period.

What's New:
corrects some minor bugs with the Do Now button and adds the ability to handle compiled AppleScripts in the newer bundled format.

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