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Scramble Scramble 3.28.16
Scramble - Word Encryption Puzzle Maker for family and friends!
Arcade Scramble Arcade Scramble 1.0
Rearrange letters to find words in this arcade style game.
Subway Scramble Subway Scramble 1.0
Welcome to Subway Scramble, the action puzzle simulation that takes you on a rapid transit romp through the epic subway systems of New York, London, Paris, Moscow and Seoul.
Colours Colours 2.0.1
You scramble to find spots for falling columns of color.
PocketMac HoldIt! PocketMac HoldIt! 1.0
Never again scramble to mute iTunes or pause your DVD player when the phone rings.
Javascript Obfuscator Javascript Obfuscator 4.3
Stop theft of your JavaScripts! Scramble, obfuscate, and pack JavaScript code!
Supreme Text Scrambler Supreme Text Scrambler 1.26
Supreme Text Scrambler is text encryption software that encrypts/decrypts text.
Greeker Greeker 7.01
Greeker allows you to scramble the selected text.
Cow French Cow French 1.0.2
Cow French is a translator that can translate to over 15 different silly and fun languages! The languages available to choose from include: Double Dutch, Turkey Irish, Opish, ROT13, Pig Latin, Elmer Fudd, German-ish, Swedish Chef, Jar Jar Binks, Redneck, L337, Scramble, Backwords, Simple Hacker, and ASCII.
Rubik Rubik 1.1
The famous Rubik’s Cube now as a widget in full 3D.

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