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Scoop_CS is an Adobe Illustrator CS plug-in for Mac OS X.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 934K
Developer: worker72a
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Updated: 20 Jun 2006
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Scoop_CS is an Adobe Illustrator CS plug-in for Mac OS X. It will collect copies of font and placed image files and extract embedded raster images, saving them into a new folder.

Here are some key features of "Scoop CS":
Scoop quickly and easily collects images and fonts without leaving Illustrator.
Scoop uses Illustrator's image link path to ensure the correct images are copied.
Scoop collects fonts used in your documents that are active on your system while the Illustrator document is open, ensuring the correct fonts are collected and used for output.
Extracted rasters are saved at the correct resolution for the usage in your document and so can be linked without re-scaling or re-positioning.

All Fonts Collected in DEMO mode are disabled. They will not function.
Placed Images can be collected only once with each launch of Illustrator.
Raster images extracted in DEMO mode will have every third color byte set to zero. This will result in lines in the image. Don't use them for real work.

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