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AudioWaveform AudioWaveform 0.97
AudioWaveform is a component (a grouped control) that can be used in your Revolution applications and projects.
PSP MasterQ PSP MasterQ 1.0
High quality parametric equalizer designed to operate at sampling rates ranging from 44.
AutoSampler AutoSampler 1.5
AutoSampler is the revolutionary software dedicated to the automatic advanced sampling of hardware and virtual synths.
M-Audio USB MobilePre M-Audio USB MobilePre 1.6.5
MobilePre USB is the preamp with a built-in audio interface that’s designed for laptop recording such as field recording and sampling expeditions.
Intelligent Colors Intelligent Colors 2.4.2
Intelligent Colors allows you to instantly sample, record and convert colors from anywhere on your screen.
SilverFast Ai STUDIO SilverFast Ai STUDIO 6.5r3a
SilverFast Ai STUDIO is the most popular version of the SilverFast scan-software family with additional features that assure maximum quality.
Absynth Absynth 3.0.1
Absynth is a powerful instrument combining synthesis with sampling.
Graphic Styles Pack 3 -- Pattern Styles Graphic Styles Pack 3 -- Pattern Styles 1
Graphic Styles Pack 3 has 900 pattern themed graphic styles, many mixed style designs from square pattern designs to circular pattern designs to weird surreal designs The symbols download here are merely a small sampling of the graphic styles set - the demo contains 5 symbols Access the graphic styles via the graphic styles palette.
PSP 84 PSP 84
PSP 84 is a high-quality processor, capable of producing a wide variety of delay-based effects.
AudioMove AudioMove 1.10
AudioMove is a simple, easy to use GUI-based batch audio file copy-and-conversion program.