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Intelligent Colors allows you to instantly sample, record and convert colors from anywhere on your screen.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1255K
Developer: Intelligent DNA
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Updated: 09 Mar 2006
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Intelligent Colors allows you to instantly sample, record and convert colors from anywhere on your screen. There is a separate window that allows you to save colors for future use. You can sample from the screen or the Color Picker. Colors are instantly converted to Hex, or RGB, or pList formats. Preferences allow you to choose to put the results into the clipboard or you can click the small clipboard on the palette to copy the color.

Here is a simple but elegant color sampling tool that lets you sample any color on your screen and allows you to store and save it. What's useful about this utility is it's convenient. You can choose one of three outputs (HEX, RGB, or pList) for the sampling and choose whether or not to automatically put it into the clipboard.

This very simple but essential tool is more than helpful for any design task... particularly those requiring hex colors such as CSS, HTML, PHP or any web design.

Intelligent Colors features an icon (Red Green Blue) you can click on to invoke the Apple standard color selection wheel where you can create any color you like.

A nice feature is being able to drag any sampled color into the extended window's color grid where it is saved. Clicking on any color in the color grid will place that color into the sampling well making it the current sampled color. You can drag the colors around on the color grid, even exchanging positions between two colors to organize your colors.

Fully functional 15 day trial.

What's New:
WEBSITE FIXED... you can now register and contact me.
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Version 2.4.2 has added color capture preferences so now you can simply click and drag the cursor to the color you want and then release the mouse to capture the color... or, you can choose to click (and release the mouse button) to then locate the color you want and hit the Command Key to do the capture.
64 instead of 32 samples. Also, the separate color sample window has been integrated into the main window now where you can toggle it for access. The palette has been extended to hold.

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