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Router Tester Router Tester 1.02
Helps DynSite users to accurately identify the HTML status page of their routers
WhatRoute WhatRoute 1.8.14
WhatRoute is designed to find the names of all the routers an IP packetpasses through on its way from your Macintosh to a destination host.
TrafficEmulator TrafficEmulator 1.8.3
Network Traffic Emulator generates traffic to stress test routers, firewalls.
VPN Router VPN Router 1.3
When you establish a VPN connection, VPN Router will add static routers to the router table.
SNMP Status SNMP Status 0.5
SNMP Status monitors a SNMP device like AirPort routers and displays the traffic of a connected interface in the menubar.
AgataSoft PingMaster Pro AgataSoft PingMaster Pro 2.1
Keep your network running up to its fullest potential using a router monitor.
Network Device Explorer Network Device Explorer 1.1
Manage network devices (routers, switches, modems, etc) remotely from your PC
WinAgents IOS Config Editor WinAgents IOS Config Editor
WinAgents IOS Config Editor is an editor for Cisco routers configuration files
PacketTrap Cisco Configurator PacketTrap Cisco Configurator 2.3.8
Integrated configuration and management tools for Cisco routers and switches
FREE PacketTrap TFTP Server FREE PacketTrap TFTP Server 2.3.11
TFTP Server is a FREE utility that can transfer files and backup Cisco configs.

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