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It's 5500 BC.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 18982K
Developer: Phelios inc
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Updated: 03 Nov 2006
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It's 5500 BC...As the smartest prehistoric caveman ever, you have actually invented the wheel!

So the next time someone calls you a "Neanderthal" be proud!

Rock and Roll is a fun game where your mission is to show your wheel to the Prehistoric Society's Annual Scientist Congress, a prestigious convention to show off your goods and patent your product, as well as influence and impact the future of mankind.

If you get your invention to the convention, it will change the course of progress forever. If not...well, we'd rather not think about that.

Rock and roll your wheel through the levels and try not to let the dinosaurs get in your way. Use your wheel to konk some beasts, and collect food to increase your lifespan. Find your way downward and reach the bottom right corner of the level to move on to new levels. Good luck

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