Retrospect Driver Update review

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This driver update is a plug-in extension for Retrospect.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 3238K
Developer: Dantz Development Corporation
Price: $0.00
Updated: 29 Jun 2006
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This driver update is a plug-in extension for Retrospect.
It updates Retrospect to support new drives, fix bugs, and work around problems.

What's New:
New Drive Support Since Last Release:
Exabyte Magnum 224 Tape Library Tape Library
Fujitsu Siemens FibreCAT TX24 Tape Autoloader Tape Library
Infrant ReadyNAS NV NAS
Plextor PX-760A Optical Drive
Plextor PX-EH25L NAS
Quantum DAT 72 SATA to USB 2.0 Tape Drive
Quantum SuperLoader 3 with DLT-S4 Tape Library
Tandberg StorageLibrary T40 Tape Library

Additional changes with this release:
Fixed an issue which could cause Retrospect to hang when accessing tapes that were formatted by a different backup product.

To install the Driver Update, drag "Retrospect 6.1 Driver Update" into your Retrospect folder (the same folder in which the Retrospect application resides). The next time you open the application, the Driver Update loads automatically. You can verify it loaded by examining the operations log.

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