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Respond! Respond! 1.0.1
Respond! is a control panel that brings a limited form of preemptive multitasking to the Macintosh right now.
12Ghosts Robo 12Ghosts Robo 9.70
Automate repeated tasks in Windows. Let this helper respond on your behalf.
Undeciphered Bot Undeciphered Bot 1.1
Undeciphered Bot is an AppleScript for AOL Instant Messenger that can dynamically respond to instant messages.
helpcompany.exe helpcompany.exe 1.0
Make sure that you respond to your babys oohs and ahhs with your own voice tones
Simple Server Sentry Simple Server Sentry 1.2
Simple Server Sentry can periodically monitor your servers and take action when your servers don't respond.
SapphireButtons SapphireButtons 02.00
Add advanced user input by allowing your application to respond to most buttons.
Poff Poff 1.2
Poff ("Ping and Off") is a system daemon that shuts down the slave computer it is installed on as soon as the master computer is shut down (and therefore doesn't respond to pings anymore).
Apple Speech Recognition Apple Speech Recognition 1.5.4
Using the English Speech Recognition software and the proper hardware, your computer can respond to your spoken commands.
Remove Temporary Items Remove Temporary Items 1.0
Usually, if your Mac's pointer freezes or the computer does not respond, all files from the Temporary Items folder are moved to a folder called "Rescued Items" within the trash.
Performance Co-Pilot Performance Co-Pilot 2.5.0
Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) is used to monitor and respond to the status and activity of distributed systems and services, such as Apache, Sendmail, MySQL, clusters, server farms, etc.