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Registry is a digital checkbook register.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Box O` Rox
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Updated: 05 Oct 2006
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Registry is a digital checkbook register. There are several special features that make Registry different than most other simple financial database programs, though.

First, Registry has Direct Entry Editing, where many others use a separate window or section to actually edit the information. Next, Registry has Text File Importing so that you can import files from other sources, such as from other applications or downloaded from an online bank.

Also, Registry has Text Auto-Completion for name and descriptions that are repeated often.

Here are some key features of "Registry":
Create a new entry from the "Edit" menu, or from the contextual menu (cmd-click or right-click).
Sort columns by clicking on the column header. You cannot sort by "Total" because it is calculated from the order of the entries.
Hide columns by way of the header's contextual menu (cmd-click or right-click).
Dragging and dropping entries in a Registry duplicates them, not moves them.
Importing text files: CSV stands for "Comma Separated Values."
A Registry is exported to a text file in CSV format.
Printing automatically sizes the columns to fit the width of one page. It is suggested to Preview a document before printing to verify correct appearance.

What's New:
Fixed registration error.

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