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Batch RegEx Free Batch RegEx Free 5.0.28
Replace, format, extract text in multiple files using Regular Expressions
RegEx Replace RegEx Replace 1.0
RegEx Replace is an Entourage AppleScript that will search the text of a selection or entire editable message for the search pattern and replace it with the replacement pattern.
RegeX RegeX 1.5
RegeX is a line-oriented PCRE-compatible regular expression powertool.
Regex Auto Builder Standard Edition Regex Auto Builder Standard Edition 2.0.0
A tool to generator, test regular expression and capture string automatically
Regex Plor Regex Plor 0.7b
Regex Plor is a tool for interactively exploring regular expressions.
Convert AI Gray to Spot RegEx 6 Convert AI Gray to Spot RegEx 6 1.0
Convert AI Gray to Spot RegEx 6 is a small AppleScript which enables you to convert Illustrator (AI & EPS) files from shades of gray to spot color (Pantone, Focoltone etc.
RegexBuddy RegexBuddy 3.6.1
Learn, create, understand, test, debug, use and save regular expressions
DiskState DiskState 3.82
Remove duplicates, cleanup garbage, usage overview, remove browser tracks
RegexMagic RegexMagic 1.3.1
Create regular expressions without dealing with the cryptic regex syntax
Yahoo Movie Lurker Yahoo Movie Lurker 1.0
Yahoo Movie Lurker is a web page Scraper, meaning that it will "scrape" data from a webpage without having to load the page in a browser.

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