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Internet Location Maker Internet Location Maker 2.1.6
Unfortunately, the routines in the Finder which recognize something as a valid URL leave a lot to be desired.
JailHelper JailHelper 1.1
JailHelper search for a barcode on a page, recognize symbology and read info.
NoteCard 2 NoteCard 2 2.5
Learn the musical notes. Treble and/or bass. Builds fluency quickly.
Low-Key Tester Low-Key Tester 0.1
Low-Key Tester is a program that tests the user's ability to recognize key signatures in four clefs (treble, bass, alto, and tenor).
Call Alert! Call Alert! 1.0
Free Caller ID software for your modem with Talking Call Alert and Call Block
Clarion Clarion 2.0
Clarion is a music utility which allows you to practice and be quizzed on your ability to recognize musical intervals.
Polyglot 3000 Polyglot 3000 3.79
Language Identifier with Unicode support (over 400 languages).
Business English Fitness Business English Fitness 1.3
Learn to recognize common grammatical errors in the workplace
InversionPhobia InversionPhobia 1.3
InversionPhobia helps you learn to recognize inversions by ear.
ClearImage PDF417 ClearImage PDF417 5.7
Read 2D PDF417 barcodes from poor quality TIFF, PDF, images, fax, microfilm

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