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Readerware is the tool for book lovers, collectors, researchers, anyone who has to catalog and maintain a library.

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OS: Mac OS X
File size: 5459K
Developer: Readerware Corporation
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Updated: 31 Mar 2006
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Readerware is the tool for book lovers, collectors, researchers, anyone who has to catalog and maintain a library.

Readerware is easy to use yet powerful enough to manage the largest collections.
Readerware is a book lovers dream come true.

Here are some key features of "Readerware":
A powerful SQL database to store and track your library. It can store thousands of titles.
Built in internet support and browser integration. Readerware can search the internet and automatically catalog the books you own, complete with cover art. There is no simpler way of cataloging your library. It eliminates the chore of manual data entry.
Bar code reader support, literally catalog a book at the swipe of a bar code wand.
User friendly database searches. Search on virtually any field. No database knowledge needed!
Support for multiple databases, create as many databases as you want or store everything in a single database.
Fully integrated shopping cart with price comparison, secure online ordering, browsing and searching of all the major online retailers.
Online publishing, publish all or parts of your library on the internet.
Sophisticated reporting to produce hard copy listings of your library.
Easy to use, configurable operation. Includes table, tree and fish eye data views.
Powerful import/export capabilities.
Full online help
Palm Pilot support.

30 days trial.

What's New:
Fixed a problem with the list fields. The cached copy was not getting updated when new entries were added. This could result in some list values not displaying in the table view until the program was restarted.
Fixed a hang that could occur when deleting a record from the table view while a row was in edit mode.
Changed some keyboard shortcuts. They are now consistent across all programs.
Fixed a problem sorting the Value column when local currency settings used a comma as the decimal point, i.e. ? 19,95
Items you drag and drop are no longer added to the shopping cart.
Fixed an unusual problem that could cause duplicated records to be added when a list column was updated in the detail view.
Fixed a problem with the detail view button status. After an Add failed, the Update button could be enabled in error.

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