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Jobdao Flash Stars Rating Jobdao Flash Stars Rating 1.0
Easy, interactive, XML data-driven Flash Stars Rating System for you.
iTunes Backup and Restore Rating Scripts iTunes Backup and Restore Rating Scripts 0.1
Since iTunes Library keeps crashing occasionally I was searching for a way to preserve all metadata.
HiRate HiRate 1.0
Hidden functionality is built into iTunes that allows songs to be rated on a scale of 0 to 100 instead of just 0 to 5.
WHyRate(Windows Hydraulic Rating Curve) Program WHyRate(Windows Hydraulic Rating Curve) Program 1
Calculate hydraulic (stage vs. discharge) rating curves for weirs, orifices, etc
Credit Check Software Credit Check Software 1.00
Find out and improve your credit rating in a confidential and anonymous way.
egrade egrade 3.6.1
Online surveys, assessments and rating systems in any language
RatingList RatingList 1.1
RatingList is a REALbasic control which provides a listbox that supports a rating column like the one in iTunes.
iTunes Star Changer iTunes Star Changer 1.0
iTunes Star Changer is a small AppleScript that allows quick rating of song tracks, in single-track mode or in batched track mode.
Rating Writer Rating Writer 1.0
Rating Writer is a small utility for iTunes 4 and Mac OS X that allows the user to write their current song ratings to the song's ID3 tag (in the comments field) and then later restore the ratings to a different iTunes library.
Rate Current Song Scripts Rate Current Song Scripts 1.6
This set of scripts was written to help rate songs on headless Macs running iTunes.

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