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QuickConvert is a program that allows you to batch process your files using Entourage/Mail-like rules.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: dot software
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Updated: 10 Feb 2006
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QuickConvert is a program that allows you to batch process your files using Entourage/Mail-like rules. QuickConvert's conditions can save you hours of sorting while QuickConvert's actions can save you hours of modifying.

QuickConvert can do everything from change mac creator and type codes to modify file names and move files. QuickConvert can save you hours of work and is highly customizable.

Folder Scanning
QuickConvert will scan the sub folders of any folder that you add to the process list. For example, if you are looking to backup files, you can drop your whole project folder on QuickConvert and rely on the conditions of a rule to sort through the files rather than just picking through the files and adding them one at a time.

QuickConvert is based on rules. Rules are sets of conditions and actions. In a rule any or all conditions can be met depending on the setup. A condition is like an if statement that is applied to the files that are being processed. If the conditions of the rule pass then QuickConvert performs the actions. This rules system allows you to save time sorting through your files and perform multiple actions in one task.

Batch Processing
QuickConvert is a batch processing program. This means that all the files that you put in the processing list are processed with one click of a button. It's just one more way to save you time.

Here are some key features of "QuickConvert":
Batch Processing - Process as many files as you want at one time
Folder Scanning - Drop a folder on QuickConvert and it will scan it, and its sub folders
Rules - Only if a file meets your conditions will QuickConvert perform your actions
Over 20 Conditions - Over 20 different ways to separate the files you want to manipulate from the rest
Over 10 Actions - Manipulate files with a combination of over 10 different actions
Unlimited Rules - QuickConvert will store as many rules as you want
Speed - Manipulate your files fast.

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