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Most products are shipped in boxes and then in standard pallets.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: KOONA, LLC.
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Updated: 05 Dec 2006
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Most products are shipped in boxes and then in standard pallets. Most of the time, these standard pallets are shipped within standard containers or in trucks.

Frequently, there is some extra volume and/or weight in the containers or in the trucks that is billed anyway by the carrier but that is not used by the client. The use of this extra space through software tools should be an important factor for all manufacturers.

Based on this need, at SCA Mecanica we have created Quick Pallet Maker, an easy to learn pallet loading/package design program that allows the user to calculate the optimal secondary package dimensions and pallet arrangements, thus reducing shipping costs.
Here are some key features of "Quick Pallet Maker X":
Start from Primary Package
Start from Box Dimensions
Standard Cases and Pallets
Box Calculations
Design boxes from PP dimensions
Fit into Standard Case dimensions
Fill standard cases
Pallet Calculations
Use standard pallet dimensions
Regular pallets
Optimized pallets
Pinwheel patterns
Alternate and Mix layers
Layer Editor
Output options
Detailed report
Report Text
Box Coordinates
Palletization Movie.

30 days trial.

What's New:
All] NF: Box Usage: Standard cases contain information on the times they have been used in a successful calculation. This helps selecting which sizes are more useful than others.
[All] AF: Standard case, pallet and container table widths can now be adjusted and saved.
[All] AF: Pallet and case codes and descriptions can be added in the Detailed Report window.
[All] BF: Fonts couldn't be changed in the Standard Cases and Pallets window.
[All] BF: Ugly bug would create awkward boxes that exceeded the available width.
[All] BF: Standard cases were not working with cylindrical items.
[All] BF: Long-standing arrangement calculation bug was squashed.
[All] BF: Standard cases would continue indicating a number from a past calculation.
[All] AF: Included an extra algorithm for fitting pallets into containers.
[All] AF: Box fit into containers takes more advantage of the available space.
[All] AF: The height of the tray sides can now be adjusted through the preferences file.
[All] AF: Stretch-wrap on the pallet SVG output can be added through the preferences file.
[All] BF: Cap width was equal to zero when creating packages in the Multiple Package input window.
[All] BF: Fixed a crash when saving some pallets through the Export -> Pallet -> File (XML) command.

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