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WSU Purple W WSU Purple W 2.0
The Famous WSU Purple “W” widget!!.
Stickies Red Stickies Red 1.0
Who needs purple? Red is the new purple! The original Stickies widget has a great color set except for one glaring omission: red! Because the purple ends up looking nearly identical to the pink, I decided to replace it with red.
3D Purple Animated Cursors 3D Purple Animated Cursors 1.0d
A collection of color coordinated 3D Purple Animated Cursors for Windows.
Chinese Purple Star Astrology Chinese Purple Star Astrology 1.28
Discover Your Destiny, Wealth, Love, Career, Health, Children, Parents, etc.
Purple Web Searcher Purple Web Searcher 3.0
Search the Web from your desktop with the major search engines!
Tetracons Tetracons 1.0
Tetracons presents five big fat highly chilled drink cartons, Blue, Green, Pink Purple and Yellow.
AstroSquid AstroSquid 1.1
AstroSquid - Take the role of a purple alien thing that kind of looks like a squid and pilot your way towards Earth in a quest to destroy mankind.
Carnival Carnival 1.0
Here, catch! No need to shout "Throw me something" to get the gaudy purple, gold, and green Mardi Gras icons in the Carnival icon set.
3D Moon Jellies 3D Moon Jellies 1.0
3D Moon Jellies has realistic animations of varied sized jellyfish.
3D Ice Fairies 3D Ice Fairies 1.0
3D animated Ice Fairies and large 3D animated snowflakes fly in and around a purple ice mountain against the backdrop of a foreboding night sky.

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