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The Psychedelic Screen Saver The Psychedelic Screen Saver 2015.0107
Generates a wide variety of sound-rersponsive psychedelic animations
Psychedelic Project Psychedelic Project 1.1
Psychedelic Project is an iTunes iVisualize composition.
3D Psychedelic Smiles 3D Psychedelic Smiles 1.0
3D Psychedelic Smiles has 3D animated 60s era icons float against a changing psychedelic backdrop.
Hypnodisk Hypnodisk 1.4
Semi-psychedelic screensaver takes your screen for a spin.
Russan's Monolith Russan's Monolith 1.3.0
Russan's Monolith is a very simple and nice psychedelic monolith orbit around a sun near a nebula, etc.
Astral Blossom Astral Blossom 1.3
Astral Blossom is a screen saver for Mac OS X that features a constantly changing colorful display of luminous, geometric, kaleidoscopic, psychedelic, generative art.
Relaxing Ocean Screensaver Relaxing Ocean Screensaver 1.1
Peaceful presence of rolling waves to your desktop.
3D Dancing Christmas Elf 3D Dancing Christmas Elf 1.0
Elf dances in snowfall to Christmas music.
The Kinemorphic 3D Screen Saver The Kinemorphic 3D Screen Saver 2015.0107
A highly configurable audio-visualization generator and screen saver
X-Saver X-Saver 1.2.1
X-Saver is a screen saver module for the Screen Saver panel of the System Preferences application.

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