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ProofMaster is the most complete and performant Digital color proofing RIP for Graphic Arts & Pre-press Professionals.

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Updated: 30 Jan 2006
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ProofMaster is the most complete and performant Digital color proofing RIP for Graphic Arts & Pre-press Professionals. ProofMaster solves many ot the problems previously found in digital proofing.

All incoming jobs (presepareted or composite) are converted into a high res PDF. Once your proof is approved, you can send the same PDF used for the proof, to the imagesetter, minimizing the risk of a PostScript error.

ProofMaster lets you drive 2 different printers at the same time and for each of these 2 printers you can set up 8 different queues.

The softproof application lets you view your image in high res on screen. You can apply a color profile in order to softproof your color calibrated result. From the ProofMaster viewer, you can perform a wide range of image manipulations such as: enlarge, reduce, copy, crop, rotate, mirror, nesting, step & repeat, etc.

All prints made with this demo version will have a ProofMaster watermark on them.

What's New:
Advanced color setup for Proofing
Match your High-End color managed workflow
Set default source profiles and rendering intents for CMYK, RGB and Gray elements
Apply different intents and/or profiles on vector and pixel data
Honor embedded profiles on any element of the file
Match your classic non color managed workflow
Ignore any embedded profile or rendering intent
Fully simulate the behavior of your press
Choose how to process PDF/X files
Respect or ignore the output intent set in the PDF/X (PDF/X1a or PDF/X3)
New Multi-channel color support
Process any Multi-channel file
Multi-channel saved as DCS2.0
Files with DeviceN color space
Duotones in composite files
Use Multi-channel input profiles
Simulate a cmyk+n or non-cmyk production process
Output on multicolor (CMYK+n) printers
Wider color gamut thanks to special colors (e.g. orange/green)
More vivid colors compared to CMYK printing (Photography)
Better matching of spot colors (Proofing/Poster printing)
Canon i9900/i9950
Advanced spot color handling
Match your spot colors
Override standard spot color values with customized definitions per printer or per printer profile
Simulate dot gain on tints of spot colors via transfer curves (Easy to use, intuitive tool)
Change the opacity of spot colors
Modify the transparency of one or more spot colors relative to the color(s) underneath
Simulate the opacity of your production inks
Import/export CxF color libraries from and to popular applications
Fully CxF compatible
International industry standard for exchange of color information between applications and color measuring devices (GretagMacBeth)
Import external spot color libraries
From GMB iOne Share (freeware)
From GMB ColorPicker
Create and export libraries to CxF compatible applications
To GMB iOne Share (freeware)
To GMB ColorPicker
To Adobe & Quark (via GMB applications)
New drivers for:
Multicolor printers (CMYK+n colors): Canon i9950 and i9900
Epson 4800/7800/9800: offering greater ink loading control

Please note that for existing commercial users of ProofMaster v2.0x, this is a free update. For new users, this download constitutes a free demo version which is fully functional but will place a watermark on all prints.

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