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Proloquo is a multi-purpose, multilingual speech solution for Mac OS X.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 2466K
Developer: AssistiveWare
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Updated: 13 Mar 2006
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Proloquo is a multi-purpose, multilingual speech solution for Mac OS X.

Here are some key features of "Proloquo":
a full-fledged communication system (AAC) for people who cannot speak;
improves accessibility of Mac OS X for people with visual impairments;
provides speech feedback in any application while typing for children and people with learning disabilities;
can serve as a talking word processor;
provides text to speech for people who prefer listening to reading;
can be used as a tool to learn the pronunciation of foreign languages;
provides an advanced, multilingual speech engine for our KeyStrokes on-screen keyboard and our SwitchXS switch access solution.
Proloquo includes High Quality and/or High Density Acapela voices for a language of choice. The languages currently include US English, UK English, German, Dutch, Flemish, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Brazilian Portuguese. Acapela voices for additional languages can be purchased as a language pack. In addition, to offer users even more choice, registered Proloquo users can contact AssistiveWare for a discount coupon to purchase Cepstral voices that work not only in Proloquo but system-wide. Finally, Proloquo of course works with all the built-in voices of Mac OS X.
Proloquo can be used to create a complete personalized Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system using simple drag and drop (or copy and paste) of phrases into lists organized by topic. Proloquo can also be combined with LayoutKitchen. With LayoutKitchen users can design their own speech panels for Proloquo with colorable and resizable buttons containing text and/or images in a variety of formats.

3 weeks trial period.
High quality voices are provided only after purchase.

What's New:
Converts text to audio files and to iPod-ready iTunes tracks
Quick voice access menu for changing voices and languages
Updated voices from the Acapela Group.

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