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You are a Nomad, a flying Wizard Engineer.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Freeverse Software
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Updated: 18 Aug 2005
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You are a Nomad, a flying Wizard Engineer. Explore the vast and breathtaking realm of the clouds with your flying island. Find and capture glittering magical artifacts of a forgotten technology. Battle against your rivals, enemies and vile monsters in an epic quest to meet your destiny.

Project Nomads is a third person cross genre game that takes place in a fantasy world of huge, floating islands that drift slowly through the haze of the clouds. The player controls a Nomad - a human able to fly, mastering the art of magic and the relics of a lost technology. With his arcane powers and glittering, magical artifacts, he can build factories, powerplants and defense facilities on these massive platforms.

Armies of flying machines, biplanes and zeppelins produced by the factories are controlled to gain the upper hand in the battle for rare resources and valuable artifacts. The floating islands are used like a battleships to explore the unknown realms in the clouds. Flying around with your hero in a fantastic and breathtaking world in the clouds offers a new level of immersion.

Here are some key features of "Project Nomads":
Breathtaking 3D worlds with spectacular graphics
3 different heroes to choose from: smart John, strong Goliath and beautiful Susie
Individual tactics depending on the choice of character
8 main quests with numerous sub quests
More than 40 different opponents
Special effects, buildings etc. for each character
Unusual, innovative story
Fight enemies with fireballs and spellbombs
Unlimited freedom of movement between the floating islands
Control your own flying island
The opportunity to turn your island into a flying fortress or munitions factory
Complete control of units such as double-deckers and turrets
Aircraft with selectable AI-controlled autopilot during battles
Easy-to-use interface complete with tutorial
Dynamic weather system with day and night cycles
A world consisting of 3 graphically entirely different levels
2 spells per hero
Real-time shadings
Multiplayer game for up to 8 players via LAN.

Mac OS X 10.2.8 and later
G3/G4 450 Mhz
1GB hard drive space
32MB Graphic Card.

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