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WhizBase WhizBase 6
WhizBase - extremely simple in its basics and very rich in advanced features.
Mops Mops 5.4.1
Mops is a public-domain programming language and development environment.
CarbonMaker CarbonMaker 1.0b1
With CarbonMaker, create with ease Mac OS X applications - and you don't have to learn a programming language.
BF Interpreter BF Interpreter 0.7
Interpreter for the BrainF*ck programming language.
Jurtle Jurtle 1.7
Jurtle is a simple integrated development tool for learning to program in the Java programming language.
GLBasic SDK premium GLBasic SDK premium 4.0
GLBasic is a simple and fast programming language designed for game programming.
PlayBasic Learning Edition PlayBasic Learning Edition 1.64l
A powerful, full featured 2D game programming language.
Gwydion Dylan PPC Gwydion Dylan PPC 2.3.3r2
Gwydion Dylan PPC is a compiler for the programming language Dylan.
Limnor Studio Limnor Studio
create web and standalone applications without using text computer languages
BBC BASIC for Windows BBC BASIC for Windows 5.94a
A version of the BBC BASIC programming language for Windows PCs

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