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Quit Anything Quit Anything 2.2
Quit Anything is simple application that can be used to quit processes.
Quit Anything (Classic) Quit Anything (Classic) 1.6.1
Quit Anything is an AppleScript application that can be used to quit processes.
nFoldMan nFoldMan 1.12
nFoldMan generalizes the monitoring and control of folding processes to enable tracking any number of them on this machine, a file-shared machine, or a remote machine over the network.
Process Wizard Process Wizard 1.18
Process Wizard is a menu hack that allows you to access to all the processes of your system (applications, background applications, user processes, non user processes) and to change their priority (Unix nice value).
Reanimator Reanimator 2.0.7
Reanimator is a utility for automatically restarting all applications and background-only processes killed by another process.
Quick Access Quick Access 1
The latest process information directly through Windows Task Manager!
CloseApp CloseApp 1.03
CloseApp is a command-line tool which closes running processes
System Explorer System Explorer 5.9.1
Detailed informations about the system (Processes, Startups, Services,....)
Autostart and Process Viewer Autostart and Process Viewer 1.41
Be notified about new programs in autostart and about new processes appearing.
Informer Informer 3.2
Resource and system events monitor with processes list.

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