Pro Pack For GarageBand 1.0.2 review

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The world's largest professional APPLE LOOP library.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: Zero-G Limited
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Price: $169.00
Updated: 22 May 2006
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The world's largest professional APPLE LOOP library. OVER 11, LOOPS!
"Pro Pack For GarageBand" has to be the First Choice library of loops for users of Apple's GarageBand, Soundtrack, Logic Pro 7, Logic Express & Final Cut Pro! Each Zero-G Apple Loops library scores 10/10 in all four of the key areas:
(1) MASSIVE SIZE (in this case, over 11, samples and instruments, and over 9 GIGABYTES!),
(2) Truly PROFESSIONAL levels of QUALITY and USABILITY (after all, they are produced by Zero-G, one of the world's largest and most highly acclaimed suppliers to the pro audio industry for 15 years, and these samples are among our very best!),
(3) An AMAZINGLY DIVERSE and VARIED range of loops from many musical styles and cultures,
and (4) Simply UNBELIEVABLE PRICE representing totally unbeatable value-for-money.

A huge injection of new loops and sounds. A massive rush of inspiration! Open up whole new vistas on your musical creativity with these enormous collections. With overwhelming variety and diversity in style, these absolutely massive expansion packs are guaranteed to provide exciting new ideas for enhancing your next hit record, commercial soundtrack or dancefloor groove. All this quality, quantity and variety, for the unbelievably low price of only 99.95 GB pounds ($169.95 / 149 Euro) for each package! We highly recommend that you check them out BEFORE buying any other Apple Loop library, to avoid disappointment!! "When it comes to quantity, this latest from Zero-G must rank up there as one of the biggest collections currently available... the vast majority of content simply must be filler, right? Wrong! After a detailed examination, pretty much all of this release is of excellent quality... All imaginable bases are covered, in pretty much every conceivable genre... This has to be one of the most comprehensive collections ever released and when you consider the price, it's an absolute steal... This one will surely be flying off the shelves... Snap this up without hesitation... Our advice? Buy this now before those crazy chaps at Zero-G realise just how mad they've been releasing so much choice material at such a knock-down price!" - Future Music magazine (who awarded it their PLATINUM AWARD). OVERVIEW OF CONTENTS: Over 3900 Drum and Percussion Loops Over 2300 Instrument Loops Over 1200 Vocal Loops Over 3 Atmos and FX Loops "If you already have the Jam Pack series, this could well be the next loops collection you should buy... Each folder holds a new world of sounds to discover and cherish. Most every sound fits like a puzzle with other sounds within its folder. Zero-G did an excellent job providing useful loops in a logical library... The Zero-G loop library includes some of the best-played, best-recorded samples I've heard. Every loop in Pro Pack for GarageBand is a pro-quality performance. There are dozens of musical styles to choose from. This package is simply wonderful for foundation tracks, arranging, and idea generation." - website

What's New:
Fixed some samples which had caused Apple "Error code -39".

GarageBand 1.0 or higher
Logic Pro or Express 7.0, or Soundtrack 1.0 (for Loops only) or higher.

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