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Ever since Apple introduced Mac OS X, users have been complaining about the inability to easily print a file listing from directly within the Finder.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 3564K
Developer: Searchware Solutions
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Updated: 27 Jun 2006
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Ever since Apple introduced Mac OS X, users have been complaining about the inability to easily print a file listing from directly within the Finder.

Enter Print Window.
Print Window offers the ability to print a file listing from directly within the Mac OS X Finder.

No more taking screenshots of window or setting for text-only printouts of filenames only. Print Window provides the works: icons, file information, sorting and more!

Print Window Standard Features

Print Window provides you with the ability to fully control what your printed listings look like. You can decide whether or not to include icons, file information and page headers. You can pre-sort file listings by a variety of criteria. You can even print your file listings in multiple columns on the same page!

Icons - If you want your file listings to include icons, you can. If you don't want icons, don't worry, they're not required. If you do print icons, you can also decide how large you want them to be (16x16 pixels to 128x128 pixels).
File Information - With Print Window, you can decide if you want your file listing to include just the file names or if you want to print a wide variety of information about each file.

Look Deeper - Have a folder that contains multiple sub-folders that also have files you want to include in your file listing? No problem! Print Window will allow you to automatically expand subfolders so that your file listing will include those files as well.

Print Window Advanced

Print Window Advanced is new for Version 3! Along with all the other great features in Print Window Standard, Print Window Advanced provides even more great features to provide even greater control of the final look of your file listings.

CD and DVD Covers - If you've just burned a CD or DVD and want to include a list of files found on the disk, now you can! Print Window Advanced will print your file listing pre-formatted to fit in a standard CD or DVD case. CD Covers will even print as a booklet, if your listing takes up more than one finished page!

Manual Expansion - Print Window Standard provides the ability to expand subfolders. Print Window Advanced also allows you to manually select what folders to expand. So, if you want to expand some and not others, that's fine. It's your choice.

File Information - Print Window Standard allows you to print information for each file included in your file listing. However, it doesn't allow you to decide what information to include. Print Window Advanced allows you to pick and choose what information to include about each file.

What's New:
Print Window now works with "limited" user acounts.
Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when checking for a new version (this was actually caused by a configuration change on the Searchware Solutions website).

128 MB RAM (256 MB Recommended).
Printing requires a Mac OS X compatible printer.

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