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About Now Playing on About Now Playing on 1.4
Not much to it - About Now Playing on YRockOnXPN.
Now Playing AIM Now Playing AIM 0.1
Now Playing AIM is a small AppleScript which enables AIM to Display current playing iTunes song on the away message.
Play One Track Only Play One Track Only 1.0
POTO does just what its name implies -- it will tell iTunes to stop playing after the current song finishes playing.
KSBR Now Playing KSBR Now Playing 3.0
KSBR Now Playing displays current song and previous four songs playing on KSBR which can be accessed in the iTunes radio section under Jazz.
CAF Cards CAF Cards 2.5
CAF Cards is a playing cards db that allows you import your own photos to create a deck of playing cards.
DeskTunes DeskTunes 1.0
DeskTunes is a very simple, very elegant way to see what’s playing in iTunes right now.
Ircle controls iTunes Ircle controls iTunes 1.1
Ircle controls iTunes is a set of AppleScripts that will let you launch iTunes, start playing songs, change volume and more all without lifting your hands from the keyboard.
Blindplayer Blindplayer 0.97
Blindplayer is an application for playing Mp3 CDs and Audio CDs with SoundApp with as little user interaction as possible.
mpap mpap 2b1
mpap is a MPEG Audio Player used for playing "mp3" files.
pearLyrics pearLyrics 0.6
Ever wanted to dive into the world of those incredibly beautiful lyrics of the song currently playing in iTunes? pearLyrics gives you just that.

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