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PictureXTracker searches a selected folder or a selected volume for all picture files related to one or several documents.

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Updated: 18 Nov 2005
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PictureXTracker searches a selected folder or a selected volume for all picture files related to one or several documents.

PictureXTracker searches the volumes selected or the subdirectories contained for all picture files.

PictureXTracker finds your pictures:
PictureXTracker searches complete folders or also complete volumes for the pictures belonging to your InDesign document. PictureXTracker searches complex file systems efficiently for picture data. If the picture is anywhere in the selected directory system, then PictureXTracker will find it. If PictureXTracker discovers several pictures with the same name while searching through the directories, the user himself can select from which directory the picture is to be chosen. The pictures names and the directories where they were found are displayed. The user decides himself which picture in which directory he now wants to use. Once PictureXTracker has finished searching the directory system, an information dialogue indicates whether all, only part or none of the searched pictures were found.

PictureXTracker loads pictures:
If the search did not find all or any of the pictures contained in the InDesign document, a list shows exactly which picture is missing on which page and where it was expected in the directory. Once PictureXTracker has searched a directory or volume, the status dialogue shows how many pictures were found in the searched directory system. The pictures could be loaded in the InDesign document, thus giving the document a new link.

PictureXTracker replaces picture paths:
With the "Search and Replace" function, PictureXTracker also offers the possibility of replacing picture paths completely with others.This makes PictureXTracker a crucial aid when handling InDesign documents and corresponding pictures in changing or modified work environments. Thanks to PictureXTracker, the tedious reallocation of pictures whose location has changed is now a thing of the past: With just a few mouse clicks, PictureXTracker allocates the pictures to the corresponding InDesign document, even for complex directory structures.

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