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GanttPV Scripts GanttPV Scripts 061226
New features for GanttPV are most often introduced as scripts.
Convert Applescript to HTML Convert Applescript to HTML 1.0
This Applescript takes the frontmost Script Editor document and converts it into an HTML script.
Compare Scripts in BBEdit Compare Scripts in BBEdit 1.0
Compare Scripts in BBEdit are 2 scripts that allow you to use BBEdit 6.
Scripts for Big Cat Scripts for Big Cat 1.0
Scripts for Big Cat is a collection of 3 scripts for “Big Cat” a system for running scripts from contextual menus.
Script Start Script Start 1.5
Script Start completely eliminates the need to write Windows logon scripts.
DBF Script DBF Script 1.10
Powerful tool which allows you to create small programs to manage dbf files.
BibDesk Scripts BibDesk Scripts 0.2.1
BibDesk Scripts is a collection of four AppleSripts that give additional functionality to BibDesk.
Save Scripts as Text Files Save Scripts as Text Files 1.0.2
Drag and drop scripts (or folders full of scripts) on the Save Scripts as Text Files applet, choose a destination folder, and this script will save all of your compiled scripts as AppleScript text files in the destination folder.
3 Maintenance Scripts 3 Maintenance Scripts 1.0.1
3 Maintenance Scripts are three simple applescripts that will launch your terminal window and execute the maintenance cron script for you after you enter an administrative password.
Script Editor Script Editor 2.1
Universal, easy-to-use editor for WSF (*.wsf) and scripts (*.vbs, *.js, ...)

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