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PhotoSite TimeSaviour will take any old folder (or folders.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1994K
Developer: kalleboo
Price: $0.00
Updated: 25 Nov 2005
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PhotoSite TimeSaviour will take any old folder (or folders. or folder full of folders) full of pictures and videos, and turn it into a website with thumbnails, image descriptions and much more.

What's New:
Full MacOS X support:
Long file names
Aqua user interface (sheets, animated window resizing, dock icon that bounces)
Import images from iPhoto
Auto-select MacOS X "Sites" folder
Completely redone handling of file types. PSTS 1.4 didn't do any checking of file types, but now PSTS can handle files differently: it can take web-ready images and add them without conversion, other formats and convert them, it can embed QuickTime movies and include other files as downloads!
Added a full-featured caption editor:
Add captions to images and thumbnails
Import camera (EXIF) and IPTC information
Re-arrange images to sort as you would like them
Apply effects to single images
Added image effects:
Added scale to max height and width
Added background to "Imprint text"
Added "Stamp" effect
Added "Styled border" effect and accompanying border editor
Added "Rotate" effect
Added "Custom effect" matrix
Removed "Move images instead of copy" option
Removed "Use existing" option
Removed "Estimate" feature
Changed background pattern so you no longer need to keep the background in the input folder
Changed "Add copyright" to "Add footer"
Added "Add header"
Added an HTML tag editor
You now do not have to have HTML files for the enlarged images, the thumbnails can link directly
Added options to link images on enlarged image pages
Added option to the javascript popup feature
Javascript popups are no longer the default behaviour
Now you can create a page with frames
Changed "Add logo" so you no longer need to keep the logo in the input folder
Changed so that the extra info on the index is optional
Added many more options for the index pages:
Thumbnail spacing
Solid border around thumbnails
When you only want one index you can now specify to fill it with rows or columns
Show filenames in bold
Added advanced file name display options (truncation, line breaks, show filename extention)
Added fields for meta information
Added random sort option
Changed the small and medium thumbnail sizes
Added the option to opt-out of thumbnail creation
Added option to create thumbnails for QuickTime movies
Added image effects for thumbnails:
Added background to "Imprint text"
Added "Stamp" effect
Added "Styled border" effect
Added "Custom effect" matrix
Added option for custom folder thumbnails
Added option for small folders icons
Added option to opt out of full-sized images
Added option to link full-sized images directly to the input folder (good for quick previews)
Now you now longer need to have custom icons in your input folder, added custom nav icon picker
Added option to opt-out of the close icon
FTP feature removed.

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