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RSS is extendible but, unfortunately, most news readers are not.

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Updated: 26 Feb 2006
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RSS is extendible but, unfortunately, most news readers are not. Pheeder allows you to change the way it displays feeds using well-known and documented standards.

Not satisfied with the way your reader renders xml? Change it! Pheeder uses easy-to-edit xslt documents to transform your rss or atom (or any other xml format) documents into html.

With Pheeder you can quickly add suport for new formats or extensions to existing ones.

XSLT is an extremely powerful language offering an enormous amount of control over the outcome of the transformation. You don't need to be an expert to edit and change existing xslt documents to suit your desires. If you are an XSLT maven, however, Pheeder offers you the full power of XSLT to do just about anything you can imagine.

Here are some key features of "Pheeder":
Tracks read items so you always know when something is new.
Stay organized by arranging feeds in drag-and-drop folders.
Auto-refresh feeds at user-definable time intervals so new things keep on coming. Set refreshing globably, for folders, or individual feeds.
Create dynamic search feeds that filter through your subscriptions and display only the items that match your search.
View related website with an integrated, lightweight web browser.
Assign XSLT styles to individual documents.
New Export Feed list to OPML.
New Auto-discover RSS and Atom Feeds when using integrated web browser.

Full feature demo for 2 weeks.

What's New:
Fixes problems caused by markup in feed titles
Fixes broken help book in Tiger
Fixes problem where relative links in web view would not work under rare circumstances.

Internet Connection.

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