PC-Mac-Net FileShare Lite 6.1.4 review

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PC-Mac-Net FileShare Lite allows you to easily and securely transfer files between Windows and Macintosh computers over a local area network or over the Internet.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 22599K
Developer: Lava Software P/L
Price: $0.00
Updated: 22 Aug 2006
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PC-Mac-Net FileShare Lite allows you to easily and securely transfer files between Windows and Macintosh computers over a local area network or over the Internet.

Also available in the following versions: Standard Edition - $24.95; Professional Edition - $39.95; Site Licenses from $299.00

Note: All computers (MacOS, Windows and Linux) must run the same version of PC-Mac-Net FileShare for it to work properly.

Here are some key features of "PC Mac Net FileShare Lite":
Perfect for cross-platform file sharing on home, school or office networks
Provides a secure, enhanced replacement for Microsoft Windows file sharing
Allows you to conveniently get files from your friends via the Internet
Swap digital home movies, photo collections or music with your family
Any files, folders or disks on your computer can be selected for sharing
Clear, centralized control of shared folders helps improve security
Long file names and file names with Unicode characters are supported
Multiple files and folders can be transferred easily
Huge files can be transferred reliably, even when using dialup modems
Safely access files stored on your home computer from school or work
Only you and your trusted friends can access your shared files
Transfers between computers can be stopped and resumed at any time
File access is protected by highly secure 896-bit encryption
Broken file transfers (due to modem dropouts, etc.) can be resumed
Automatically renames files for cross-platform file name compatibility
Sets Macintosh type/creators correctly based on PC file name extensions
List of types/creators and PC file name extensions can be changed by user
Uses standard Internet protocols for all operations (ie. TCP/IP)
Offers large file support (ie. files > 2GB in size) on most platforms
Windows 95/98/NT/2/ME/XP, MacOS Classic and MacOS X versions
The commercial Standard and Professional Editions have no file size limits
The Professional Edition can also encrypt file data during transfers
You can download all versions for Windows and MacOS when you purchase
Free upgrades for one year included in the purchase price
Volume and school discounts available.

What's New:
This new version offers incremental backup to local hard disk, incremental backup over LAN or Internet to one or more destination computers (thus providing on and offsite redundancy), up to 256-bit AES encryption of remotely stored backup files, email notification of backup plan execution, pre-backup and post-backup script support, automatic MD5 digital signature verification of backup files to ensure file integrity, automatic launch on startup/login, queuing of automatic backups when offline, greatly increased file backup speed, significantly reduced CPU utilization, an activity list showing all backups and restores, and support for inexpensive Linux-based home backup/media servers.

MacOS Classic users running an older system version, such as System 8.6, will need to download CarbonLib 1.6.

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