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Panopticum Fire is an add-on module for Adobe After Effects (4.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1204K
Developer: Panopticum
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Updated: 02 Jun 2006
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Panopticum Fire is an add-on module for Adobe After Effects (4.0 and earlier), and also for After Effects compatibles, such as Adobe Premiere 6.0 and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Panopticum Fire is a unique and impressive tool with which creation of very beautiful and real-looking animated fire becomes easy. One of the most compelling features of our module is that flame is not simply created on the basis of system of particles, but that it consists of very lively fiery tongues. These tongues meander and change as if they were alive. This displays fascinating and mesmeric play of light and shadows of fire on the screen.

Fire lets not only set on fire different objects of your composition, but also helps the designer obtain various fiery transition effects. That is when a whole layer or some opaque objects burn down, being set on fire at the edge or from the center. At the same time the image becomes charred before burning down.

Fire is a powerful mean with the help of which you can make various types of flame.

Adobe After Effects.

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