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OsiriX is able to receive DICOM images (STORE SCP - Service Class Provider) from your PACS network.

License: GPL
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 35179K
Developer: Antoine ROSSET, M.D.
Price: $0.00
Updated: 16 Jan 2007
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OsiriX is able to receive DICOM images (STORE SCP - Service Class Provider) from your PACS network. It is compatible with DICOM files and PACS networks.

OsiriX is a DICOM viewer application for Mac OS X computers

OsiriX has been specifically designed for image fusion, cardiac CT, multi-series MRI exams and 3D reconstructions. It supports 5D viewers for PET-CT series and Cardiac-CT exams.

Please read the "Quick Manual" to learn how to do image fusion, use the 4D viewer and do 3D reconstructions. This alpha version is incomplete and doesn't include many features, but it will allow you to discover what is OsiriX. This first version has been developed in less than 4 months... Many, many new features will come! Please, send any comments, bug reports and ideas to improve OsiriX!

Here are some key features of "OsiriX":
DICOM Listener to receive images from your PACS.
Support multiple buttons mouse, including scroll wheel.
Massively optimized for Altivec (a.k.a Velocity Engine) for G4 and G5 computers.
Multi-threaded for full support of multi-processors Macs
Code and memory alignment optimized for G5 computers
Optimized for OpenGL, fully and really use your graphic board!
Realtime convolution filters 3x3 and 5x5
Support custom Color Look Up Tables (CLUT)
Realtime and multi-threading files loading and conversion
Realtime zoom & rotation with linear interpolation
WYSIWYG Quicktime export (size, zoom, rotation, frame rate)
All series are loaded as volumetric data (no processing/memory required for 3D views)
All pixels are converted as float for best performance & quality
3D Surface Rendering
3D Maximum Intensity Projection
3D Volume Rendering
DICOM Files support: mono 8 & 16bits, RGB, YBR, Palettes, JPEG lossless & lossy
Image Fusion: PET-CT, MRI-MRI, CT-CT, MRI-CT, ...
PDF Files support with multi-pages
Multimedia file formats support: JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop, PNG, ...
4D Viewer
2D thick slab: altivec optimized
X-Grid/MPI support for MIP, Volume Rendering and Surface Rendering the slice interval with thick slab in MPR-2D

G3, G4 or G5 computer (G5 highly recommended for 3D!) / Intel CPU
minimum of 1GB of RAM - 2GB recommended
4GB of RAM if you plan to open more than 3 images (cardiac CT wih 4D Viewer).

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