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Option Pricing Calculator Option Pricing Calculator 1.0.0
Free option pricing calculator for IV, Vega, Delta, Gamma and Theta
Option Trading Workbook Option Trading Workbook 2.1
Spreadsheet to calculate the fair value and greeks for call and put options.
SCX Calculator SCX Calculator 1.7
SCX is a general-purpose high-precision calculator with pricing functions.
Stock Options Secrets Stock Options Secrets 3.4
Overpricing/underpricing option calculator
Real Options Valuation Real Options Valuation 3.2
Valuing the strategic options embedded in your business project proposal.
Option Profit Calculator Option Profit Calculator 2.1.0
Calculate option transaction profit and loss, and annualized profit and loss
MoneyToys Rent or Buy Calculator MoneyToys Rent or Buy Calculator 2.1.1
A rent or buy calculator which helps web site visitors consider the best option.
AdWords ROI Calculator AdWords ROI Calculator 1.0
Calculate ROI, profits and optimal spending on Google AdWords campaigns!
WebCab Options and Futures for Delphi WebCab Options and Futures for Delphi 3.0
Add our Equity derivatives pricing framework to COM, .NET and Web service Apps.
Free Rent or Buy Calculator Free Rent or Buy Calculator 4.5.1
A free real estate calculator that helps you determine whether to rent or buy.

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