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OpenMenu is a utility that allows you to freely customize contextual menus.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 3K
Developer: Artman21 Inc.
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Updated: 12 Oct 2006
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OpenMenu is a utility that allows you to freely customize contextual menus.You can open documents, applications, Applescripts, etc. any time you wantto.

OpenMenu supports dynamic browsing for volumes and folders,controlkey-free contextual menu popup, easy-to-use menu builder and muchmore. It also includes over 50 helpful Sample Scripts. OpenMenu is compatible with both OS X and Classic OS.

If you register often-used tools in OpenMenu, you can open a selected file with the tool you have registered. For example, you can open files with a file tool such as File Buddy or Resoucerer. Or you can open text files with your favorite editor. Or you can open HTML files with your favorite browser or HTML editor.
Here are some key features of "OpenMenu":
Even on a one-button mouse or a trackpad, contextual menus can be invoked by pressing mouse button for half second without the use of the controlkey.
You can browse volumes or folders and open their items via a contextual menu.
If you register often used applications, documents or folders, then you can open them via a contextual menu.
Because OpenMenu can use Applescripts, users can freely add functionality, like taking selected text and looking it up in dictionaries, translating it, or searching for it on Google.
Over 50 helpful scripts are included such as: internet search, dictionary search, Japanese-English translation, English-Japanese translation, picture conversion, etc.
You can freely define the hierarchical menus; applications, compiled applescripts, documents, folders, etc can be classified and arranged.
Supports display of icons in contextual menus.
Supports the display control so it can display menu items depending on the context.
Supports the exclusion of applications. That is, you can choose which applications will not use OpenMenu.
Supports easy installation, update, and uninstallation of the plugin.
Runs on both Classic OS and OS X.

20 days trial version.

What's New:
Fixed an another incompatibility with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther that Finder crashed occasionally when the contextual menu was invokded with selecting a file or folder.
Fixed a bug that an error log for the memory deallocation appeared in the console log.

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