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The Ometh Nmod is a compilation of addons for World of Warcraft that enhance your gameplay and the look and feel of the entire game.

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Updated: 23 Sep 2005
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The Ometh Nmod is a compilation of addons for World of Warcraft that enhance your gameplay and the look and feel of the entire game. This project started out as an internal mod, originally available only to the Ometh Dominion Guild.

Over time the Nmod found its way to several people outside of our Guild and we have received nothing but positive feedback and more and more people have asked us to release it to the open pub - so HERE IT IS! Please keep in mind that the Nmod is by no means a "newbie" compilation.

The Nmod has actually been around (internally) almost since the release of WoW and has undergone very extensive testing. Bottom line - if you're looking for a rock-solid, no clutter, killer mod to enhance your gameplay and enjoyment of WoW altogether, then look no further and GET yourself Nmodded!

Here are some key features of "World of Warcraft Ometh Mod":
AdvancedBagsPlus - Sort your items into user specified categories and access them like bags.
Atlas - Easy to use in-game instance maps with mob locations!
AuctionIt - A MUST stats/tool for the AH.
Autobar - A dynamic bar that autoloads commonly used items.
AutoShoutOut - Automatically announces when you or your pet stats drop below a certain level. Now configurable via on-screen menu.
Bag_Status_Meters - Know exactly how full each of your bags are and your overall carrying capacity on the fly.
BankStatement - See ANY of your character's bank contents at any time - including the contents of additional bank containers! You can even log into one character and look at your MULE's bank! Awesome mod if you use mules.
ChatScroll - Allows you to use your mouse scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll up and down within the in-game text/chat window.
ChatTimestamp - Automatically puts a timestamp on every message in the chat window. Useful if you've gone AFK and return and want to know how long ago a certain text message was sent to you, etc.
Confab - Allows you to hit the up arrow to repeat your last command entered in the chat box. Also allows relocating and undocking of the chat box.
CT_HailMod - A very simple mod known best by EQ veterans -- the Hail command. Open your key bindings and map a key (H recommended!) to CT_HailMod, then press that key to Hail your target.
CT_RaidAssist - Allows you to monitor other's health/mana/buffs/etc in a Raid group outside your immediate group. A MUST for Raiding!
EquipCompare - Compare items easily with ones you have equipped...similar to how it's done at the Auction House!
FlexBar - Allows you to manipulate all 96 in-game buttons in just about any way possible. Also let's you create and scale circle group icons or "honeycombs" of icons.
FlightMap - Adds a tooltip to the world map showing flightpaths into and out of regions, and region level ranges.
FollowTheLeader - If someone in your party, guild, or friends list whispers "follow" to you, your toon will start to do just that This is also excellent for people who go AFK and get stuck while following someone.
FriendsFacts - Remembers the location and level of anyone last seen on your friend list instead of just showing them as "unknown" when they're logged off.
GuildInfo - Stores Guild roster and character data to your SavedVariables.lua file so it can optionally be uploaded and processed by a website.
HunterPetSkills - In game database to help you find where the pet skill and rank you need is located.
KillLog - Tracks all your PvE kills, XP gained from kills, and more.
LootScoreBoard - Keeps track of loot obtained by you and group members. The goal is to have the means to figure out which group members are missing out on drops because of poor rolls which helps make sure everyone gets their fair share.
Magellan - Populates your map with map notes for all the local landmarks in any zone!
MobHealth - Estimates the current and maximum health of your target and recalculates this on the fly as a rolling average that becomes more accurate over time.
Mobs2Level - Displays via chat window how many mobs (of the mob you just killed) are needed to level.
MonkeyQuest - Keeps track of your current quest objectives without you having to go into your quest log all the time.
MoveAnything - Lets you move, scale, and hide just about any in-game window!
Nurfed_PlayerFrame - Original concept by Gypsy mod. This tweaks your player stats on the top left corner of your screen and shows numeric values for your total health/mana/etc. as well as XP left to level and rested XP.
PartyPets - Displays health, buffs, debuffs, etc. for your party's pets. NOTE: Party members must also be running the PartyPets addon (or just nMod) for this to work.
PvPLog - Tracks all your PvP kills, losses, damage you've done to others, etc. Also tracks stats on duels.
QuestHistory - Tracks history on all quests you've ever done, starting points to the quest, ending points, allows you to make notes about certain quests, etc.
QuickLoot - Places cursor over the top left corner of loot window. Makes looting easier.
RangeColor - Shows you when any of your ranged attacks are out of range by shading those icons in red.
ReagentInfo - Tells you which professions use the reagent you mouseover.
ReagentTips - Tells you which of your current recipes require the reagent you mouseover.
ScrollingCombatText - Adds damage, heals, and events (dodge, parry, windfury, etc...) as scrolling text above you character model, much like what already happens above your target. This makes it so you do not have to watch (or use) your regular combat chat window and gives it a "Final Fantasy" feel - way cool!
SellValue - Will tell you how much an item sells for at an NPC.
SKMap - Keeps track of player PvP and PvE deaths, kills, and provides some amazing reporting and stats info on this data. Also has the ability to track death/kills by their location by zone and displays them as icons on your world map!
SuperMacro - Allows unlimited macros and increases the maximum macro script lengh to 1023 characters.
TackleBox - Fishing mod originally from Cosmos. Includes fast-cast and auto-cast.TalentSafe - Brings up a confirmation dialogue box before you spend a precious talent point!
TellTrack - Enhances whisper messaging (/w) and keeps track of up to 20 people that have recently whispered you. Makes whispering back to multiple people much easier!
Titan - Sweet mod! Adds a control panel (also served as info box) on the top of the screen. Allows users to control time/volume/UI scale/transparency though the panel. Also displays important information such as money/bag/latency/FPS/Location/XP in real time.
TTW Tooltip - Allows you to put that annoying tooltip info box ANYWHERE you want...even off the screen so you'll never have to see it again if you so desire!
Wardrobe - Create a wardrobe for your toon and instantly switch between outfits!
ZoomMap - Allows you to bind a key to instantly oversize the minimap on your screen.

What's New:
Added GuildEventManager - absolutely awesome mod for scheduling events
Updated CT_mod core to 1.842 - includes many bug fixes w/regard to bars
Removed QT_Stamp - no longer necessary, this option is now part of the CT_mod core

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