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OfficialReport generates professional-looking reports detailing all aspects of single or multiple projects.

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Updated: 29 Aug 2006
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OfficialReport generates professional-looking reports detailing all aspects of single or multiple projects. With the click of a button, you can obtain formatted listings of fonts, color usage, style sheets, H&Js, picture fonts, picture colors, layout preferences, detailed picture usage, and application print styles.

Reports created with OfficialReport are fully formatted QuarkXPress projects, with the information presented in a compact, to-the-point tabular layout. Style sheets are added automatically, so you can quickly make global changes to customize the look and feel of the final report. OfficialReport also comes with a built-in batch report feature that can generate a thorough description for up to 100 projects at a time.

Here are some key features of "OfficialReport":
Colors. Colors defined in the project: spot, name, description, halftone.
H&Js. Hyphenation and Justification records: name, auto hyphenation, smallest, min and max words, break caps, hyphens in row, hyphenation zone, space and character min, max and optimum, flush zone, single word justify.
Style Sheets. Paragraph and character style sheets, in alphabetical order: style name, based on, next style, paragraph formats, tabs, rules, character formats.
Fonts. All fonts used in the project, including missing fonts. For each entry: font ID, name, style, font status.
Picture Fonts. Fonts contained in EPS imported graphics: font name, name of first picture occurrence, page number, font status.
Picture Colors. Colors contained in EPS imported graphics: color name, name of first picture occurrence, page number.
Layout Preferences. The layout preferences settings: general, measurements, paragraph, character, trapping.
Picture Usage. Comprehensive picture usage listing: print status, name, page and status. Optionally: full path, file size and dimensions, date modified, angle, file format, color model, resolution, effective resolution, offset, creator application, embedded EPS fonts and colors, scaling.
Print Styles. List of application print styles. For each entry: style name, document settings, setup settings, output settings, options settings.

What's New:
Redesigned user interface.
Customizable picture usage report. You can now choose which picture attributes you wish to report.
New picture attributes: angle, offset and scaling.
Full support for QuarkXPress 6 layouts and projects.
Option to exclude current project.
Option to include all layouts for each project.
Mac OS X compatible.

QuarkXPress or
QuarkXPress Passport 6.1–6.5.

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