Nvu 1.0 review

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Nvu (pronounced N-view, for a "new view") makes managing a web site a snap.

License: Freeware
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
File size: 11995K
Developer: Daniel Glazman
Price: $0.00
Updated: 17 Jan 2006
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Nvu (pronounced N-view, for a "new view") makes managing a web site a snap. Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML.

Here are some key features of "Nvu":
WYSIWYG editing of pages, making web creation as easy as typing a letter with your word processor.
Integrated file management via FTP. Simply login to your web site and navigate through your files, editing web pages on the fly, directly from your site.
Reliable HTML code creation that will work with all of today's most popular browsers.
Jump between WYSIWYG Editing Mode and HTML using tabs.
Tabbed editing to make working on multiple pages a snap.
Powerful support for forms, tables, and templates.
The easiest-to-use, most powerful Web Authoring System available for Desktop Linux users.

What's New:
Fixed: Source view was wrapping at column 30
Fixed: cannot outdent an indented list in CSS mode
Fixed: changing the type of a list item in a Strict DTD-based document and CSS mode can lead to invalid markup
Fixed: cannot change twice the type of a list in CSS mode
Fixed: refreshing a local site's view in the Site Manager has not effect and freezes the throbber
Fixed: "New tab" and "Revert" contextual menu items added to tabs
Fixed: Form insertion dialog's width has problems when using the More/Fewer button
Fixed: iframe elements' end tag removed in XHTML but IE chokes on it (*sigh*)
Fixed: cannot make an image float using CSS through the image dialog in Strict mode (wow, in fact it was not a bug, I forgot to implement it back in 2002! Thanks Erich Reto Iseli for the heads up.)
Fixed: publishing an XHTML document was publishing something different from a locally saved version
Fixed: typo in Help, "secion" instead of "section"
Fixed: Help window is always on top on Mac OS X, forcing to close Help window to edit again
Fixed: Site Manager now lists all directories before normal files and sorts both case insensitive, whatever the platform (Windows does this by default but not unix)
Fixed: Site Manager chokes on remote empty directories
Fixed: Site Manager chokes on local rempty directories
Fixed: creating a new directory was inserting an new entry at the wrong place
Fixed: changing the color of links has no effect in Nvu
Enhancement: added a "Reload images" contextual menu entry to tabs (personal request from Linspire's President and CEO). It does what you think it does. It refreshes all images (almost all, see below), including those in CSS inline styles and CSS stylesheets. Only one image resists again and again: the background specified by the background attribute on body cannot be refreshed. I tried various strategies, none worked. It'll remain a "known issue" for v1.0.
Fixed: inserting a form into an XHTML document freezes Nvu
Fixed: middle-click on a tab closes the tab
Fixed: control-F4 closes the currrent tab
Fixed: Insert > Smart widgets > Made With Nvu Button now uses the new smaller
Fixed: double-clicking on an image file from a local-HD site in the Site Manager was not inserting the image into the document
Fixed: "Contributed User Guide" => "User Guide"
Fixed: if at least 2 tabs are currently edited, closing the current tab through context menu "Close Tab" and IMMEDIATELY applying H1 to the remaining tab crashes Nvu
Fixed: editing a textarea deletes it
Fixed: editing a label deletes it
Fixed: editing a select element in XHTML does not list the options and optgroups
Enhancement: "copy" added to contextual menu in Help window and Copy button added to its toolbar
Enhancement: Help dialog buttons now target the relevant help section
Inline Spell Checker now disabled by default.

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