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NovaMind will help you to organize your thoughts, remember information, generate ideas, and focus on the main issues in a fun and creative way.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: NovaMind Software
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Updated: 02 Jan 2007
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NovaMind will help you to organize your thoughts, remember information, generate ideas, and focus on the main issues in a fun and creative way.

Organizing the kids: help organize the household by listing each individual and their delegated responsibilities - mowing, taking out the rubbish, brushing the dog... eliminates squabbles, puts things in prespective and clearly organizes everyone.

Problem solving: Although NovaMind can't magically resolve issues for you - it can help plan and brainstorm to find solutions and alternatives. Start your document by using your problem as the title. Around it, add all your ideas for resolving the issue (once you tap into the flow of ideas they just keep coming)! NovaMind can automatically arrange your page so all suggestions for resolution radiate from the title.

Consider and compare the ideas you have documented and select the best options. Record further details under the preferred options - the steps involved to achieve the desired outcome and timeframes. NovaMind taps into your ideas, identifies solutions, keeps you focused and breaks problems down into manageable steps. Have a look at our Problem Resolution Mind Map in the Gallery which provides further ideas for consideration and help in resolving problems.

Plan Your Goals and Organize Priorities: use key headings to represent short-term and long-term goals and priorities. Under each heading, list your strategies for success. You can also specify timeframes and defined milestones so you know when you have achieved your goal. Also include pictures of your goals in the Mind Map to keep you focused and motivated! Its satisfying when you can check off an accomplished goals or priority!

Personal Mission Statements: just as companies have a Mission Statement, so too do individuals. A personal Mission Statement helps you design and achieve your ideal life. During times of uncertainty where your life is heading, or doubts about your own abilities, a personal Mission Statement will remind you of who you are, where you are heading and what you have achieved.

Career Planning: use NovaMind to assist with planning your educational requirements or work objectives to achieve your chosen career path.

NovaMind is an excellent tool for recording estimated timeframes, educational institutes offering appropriate courses, planning expected financial outlays etc to prepare for your future.

Workers can use past, present and future employment positions to plan skills and experience required to achieve your dream career. By doing this, you can identify areas that require further study and experience to produce the desired results.

Here are some key features of "NovaMind":
Quick and easy Mind Map creation - A few key strokes/mouse clicks create the branches to type in the information.
A colorful memory jogger - Drag the branches, choose branch colors, use "Rainbow Colors", or combine methods. Adornments & branch shapes are available. Add graphics for visual appeal.
Powerful images - Smooth curves and colorful pictures create powerful images for your brain to remember. The information stored in your mind map is compact and meaningful, allowing you to see the important issues, organize your thoughts, and solve problems quickly and easily. The solutions are new and effective, and can easily be presented to others using graphical or text representations.
Easy to share - Email or export Mind Map text or images to different formats (including Keynote).
More time on content, less on drawing - Let NovaMind do the drawing while you do the thinking.
Neat and Professional - Stunning Mind MapsĀ® that are refreshingly different.
Easy to edit - No rubbing out, no re-spacing = no frustration.
Link text to branches for printing - No extra documents are needed.
Hyperlink to other Mind Maps, websites, email and more!
International language support - NovaMind has already been translated into English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Dutch. You can create Mind Maps in any language supported by Mac OS X.

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