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NOVA was written with the intent of creating a stable, application based screen saver.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1725K
Developer: Chaotic Software
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Price: $20.00
Updated: 28 Apr 2006
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NOVA was written with the intent of creating a stable, application based screen saver.
Most of the screen savers available do a lot of system trap patching via extensions, which introduce a factor of uncertainty in your system. NOVA does not patch any OS routines, but instead is completely application driven -- when it is appropriate (based on user settings), NOVA will launch it's "Saverlet" applications that will do the screen saving.

NOVA provides three main services to the user:

(1) eliminates the potential for phosphor screen burn-in,
(2) provides security for your system via password entry,
(3) provides entertainment for yourself and those who work around you.

One last boastful note: NOVA is one of the only screen saver applications that can utilize multiple monitor setups-- and when we say "utilize", we mean that drawing occurs on ALL monitors, not just the menubar screen. Take that After Dark!

What's New:
Any application can now be a NOVA 'saverlet'. Simply drop any application you want to be launched when the screensaver is supposed to kick in into the 'NOVA Saverlets ' folder, and it will launch it when appropriate if selected as the active module. However, these pseudo-saverlets will not conform to true NOVA saverlet specifications, and as such will not provide security and other saverlet-specific features
Plugged security hole -- we now disable the hot-key application switching mechanism (if it is active) when a module launchers so you cannot switch out of the screensaver
Fixed interoperability with other applications such as Drop Drawers - they will now hide their windows when a module is launched
If modules are somehow put in the background (by Sherlock's disk indexing, for example), we now bring them to the front again.

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