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Neuromixer Pro is a DJ-style audio-video mixer with effects.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 5273K
Developer: Neuromixer
Price: $0.00
Updated: 08 Apr 2006
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Neuromixer Pro is a DJ-style audio-video mixer with effects. With Neuromixer Pro, you can change playback speed, select playback range, set cue points, play forward and reverse on two separate video banks.

With Neuromixer Pro you can composite in real-time and apply video effects, then output to full screen.
A separate audio fader gives you the freedom to mix video and audio independently.

The ability to control Neuromixer Pro via MIDI hardware devices allow you to have greater control over the videos without the constraints of the mouse and keyboard.

Real-time manipulations can be achieved by moving the knobs and sliders on a MIDI controller. In conjunction with new technologies such as the Ms. Pinky vinyl scratch system, you can scratch video back and forth just like a DJ would with vinyl records.

Here are some key features of "Neuromixer Pro":
Independant audio mixer with preview
Live DV input and sample to hard disk
Two independent video channels
Support for Ms. Pinky, Mixman DM2 and Hercules DJ Console hardware scratch systems
Real-time video effects: ChromaKey, Feedback, Rotate, Zoom, Saturation...
Set and store loop points
Variable speeds ranging from +/- 600% for video and audio
Trigger and control movie clips with keyboard or MIDI controller.

What's New:
Loop Settings Recall. AVmixer Pro has just gotten smarter, so now all your stored loop point markers are automatically stored and can be retrieved later.
Video Effects Routing. Now you are able to assign video effects to either channel A, B, or Master output. This dynamic switching feature gives you the freedom to fully utilize the available video effects.
Audio EQ effects. Similar to a DJ mixer, each video channel is now equipped with High, Mid, and Low equalizers. This is just the beginning of many audio effects still to come.
Improved UI. The refined user interface further perfects the existing user-friendly software. It will take no time for users to start enjoy AV mixing.

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