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Netscape 7 is a popular Internet web browser.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 17729K
Developer: Netscape Communications
Price: $0.00
Updated: 21 Feb 2005
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Netscape 7 is a popular Internet web browser.

More and more people are interested in choosing their software rather than just using what comes loaded on their machines. Netscape 7.2 offers you a real choice. You get more done with Netscape 7.2 because it fits the way you use the Web.

Installation Instructions -- Mac OS X

1. If you are installing from the CD:
- Skip to step 4 now.

If you are downloading from the Netscape site:
- Click the Netscape-MachO.dmg.gz link.

If the downloaded file does not expand
automatically, you must expand the file using a
program such as StuffIt Expander. If you don't
have StuffIt Expander, you can get a copy by

2. Double-click the .gz file to expand it to
Netscape-Mach0.dmg and start the installation process.

3. When installation is complete, double-click the Netscape
hard drive icon to open it. Skip to step 6 now.

4. Double-click the cd icon labeled "Netscape7.2", this will
expand out the disk image file "Netscape-MachO.dmg"

5. Double-click the disk image file to start the installation

6. Drag the Netscape icon into the Applications folder.

7. Launch Netscape from the Applications folder.

Here are some key features of "Netscape X":
Bookmark groups for tabbed pages
AIM with the browser with buddy icons
Custom labels in mail
Quick search in mail
Quick launch
Pause and resume in download manager

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