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NetBarrier is the number one personal Firewall program for the Macintosh.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 14553K
Developer: Intego
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Updated: 28 Feb 2006
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NetBarrier is the number one personal Firewall program for the Macintosh.
It provides full protection from hacker and vandal attacks coming over the Internet, even from intrusion attempts on wireless networks.

Here are some key features of "NetBarrier":
Firewall features
Controls incoming TCP/IP traffic and data
Controls outgoing TCP/IP traffic and data
Offers preset or customized security rules
Protects against Trojan Horses

Antivandal features
Protection against vandal programs
Blocks selected applications
Alerts you when applications connect to the Internet
Audits vandal alerts
Protects against intrusions
Offers a choice of defense policies
Detects wrong passwords
Protects against network attacks
Protects against ping of death
Protects against ping flooding
Protects against SYN flooding
Protects against port scans
Stops unknown packets
Controls system resources
Provides TCP sequence scrambling

Privacy features
Helps control cookies
Offers individual cookie control
Deletes cache and history files
Blocks ad banners
Hides the last web site visited
Hides browser and platform information
Safeguards personal information
Filters TCP/IP & AppleTalk stacks
Protects against data thieves, hostile java applets, hostile plug-ins

And even more...
Stealth mode
Activity gauges
12 control monitors
TCP/IP & Apple Talk usage monitoring.

30 days trial.

What's New:
New: German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese localizations included.
New: Ability to hide the Apple ID to the iTunes MiniStore.
New: See the potential geographic location of an IP address in Google Earth (Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and Google Earth required).
New: Support for iTunes cookies in the Cookies Manager.
New: Support for NetNewsWire, Front Row, QuickTime and SubEthaEdit in the Cleaning Manager.
New: From an Antivandal alert, you can now add a host to the Trusted Group if it is not an intruder. You need to hold the 'alt' key down.
New: Contextual menu in the Monitoring Services list.
New: You can now disconnect from an AirPort network in the Monitoring Network pane.
Minor fixes and improvements.

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