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An intuitive and easy to use production music tool.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Synk Audio Studios LLC
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Updated: 09 Nov 2006
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An intuitive and easy to use production music tool. You can browse and shape professionally composed music beds to suit your video, DVD, or web project quickly and easily.

Musicbed DV has an innovative feature that gives you interactive control over the music’s stylistic and textural characteristics, allowing you to customize the music’s feel to match the mood of your visual project.

Additional music timeline automation features provide professional video creators with an easy way to sculpt the music over visual scenes or sequences.

Here are some key features of "Musicbed DV":
Music Browsing
Browse music clip variations for installed Synk Music Library™ titles.
Browse by visual story genres (Corporate, Biography, Action, etc.).
Browse by visual story moods (Setup, New Situation, Climax, etc.).
Browse by music styles (Background, Percussive, Dense, etc.).
Browse by music texture (Intense, Lush, Sharp, etc.).
Browse by music tempo and pitch.
Real-time music previews while playing video.

Music Timeline
Non-linear editing of music clip start, stop, and duration.
Automatic generation of music clips for specified start, stop, and duration.
Non-repetitive music generation without loops.
Music clip start, stop, and duration drag operations in timeline.
Seamless and gap-less transitions for music edits.
Music clip section/theme editing and arrangement.
Optional snapping for timeline operations.

Music Characteristics
Adjust music clip characteristics.
Adjust Background/Foreground, Melodic/Percussive, Sparse/Dense, Light/Intense, Clean/Lush, Smooth, Sharp, and Abstract/Real music characteristics.
Adjust tempo and pitch.
All characteristics interact (Background percussion vs. foreground percussion, etc.).

Music Keyframes
Automate music clip characteristics over time with keyframes.
Precise positioning of keyframe time.
Keyframe time drag operations in timeline.
Optional snapping for timeline operations.
Keyframe automation curve overlays.

Any file type supported by QuickTime.
Project creation via QuickTime file drag and drop.
Visual markers display video frame at marker location.
Real-time update of marker video frame during drags.
Video timeline scrubbing.
Video scrubbing during music clip add.

Synchronization of music clip start, end, and duration via markers.
Visual markers display video frame at marker location.
Real-time update of marker video frame during drags.
Optional snap to marker during timeline operations.

Audio Export
AIFF and WAV file types.
44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz sample rates.
16 bit, 24 bit, 32 bit depths.

Automatic and manual music detail preferences for optimal system performance.
Limiter on audio output eliminates digital overs.
Non-linear editing of music clips with unlimited undo.
Automated cue sheet generation.
FCP familiar keyboard shortcuts.

Macintosh computer with PowerPC G4, G5, Intel or better processor (G5 or Intel processors recommended).
Display with 1024-by-768 resolution or higher (1280-by-1024 resolution recommended).
QuickTime 7 or later.
512 MB of RAM.
18 GB of available disk space for application installation and music content.
Default audio device capable of 44.1kHz stereo output.
High-speed internet access recommended.

30 day trial.

What's New:
New music packages in many genres and genre-mashups more than doubles available content.
New music package swap feature enables the themes of music in the timeline to be switched. This innovative and unique feature allows the mood, genre, and instrumentation of music in the timeline to be freely changed while maintaining existing timing, transitions, and style and texture keyframes. 
New keyframe snapshot feature. Makes it easy to create and manage advanced musical builds and punctuation.
New automatic keyframe generation feature. Useful for quickly generating evolving musical textures that hit  markers or for igniting your own ideas.  
New surround mix presets for useful surround music scenarios (Immersive, Film/DVD, etc.).
New music clip overlay/overwrite feature when adding music to timeline.
New music clip browser favorites feature.
New Universal version with improved performance on Macs with G4, G5, and Intel processors.
Improved music clip browser interface.
Improved music clip browser results list.
User interface improvements driven by user feedback.

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