MulleCipher Framework 1.1 review

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wraps some public domain cryptography implementations in Objective-C.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 173K
Developer: Mulle kybernetiK
Price: $0.00
Updated: 11 Apr 2006
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wraps some public domain cryptography implementations in Objective-C. It contains two digest algorithms MD-5, SHA-1 (CRC32 as a build option) as well as two symmetric ciphers Blowfish and Twofish. There is a small test application for Mac OS X that can be used to test the algorithms a bit. Documentation is in a README.rtf file and the various headers.

The digest algortihms have been tested on Mac OS X and passed the tests. So I assume, that they work as expected. The crypto routines encrypt and decrypt correctly. I have not checked that the output is compatible with their respective implementations on Intel machinery, though I assume that it is.

What's New:
Added prebinding, the prebind address is -seg1addr 0x32. You can easily change this by changing the link options.
By default crc32 is not compiled in anymore, because there is already a crc32 routine in libz. If you define BUILD_CRC32 it's back in.
Created project files for the new Project Builder, so you don't have to import the projects yourself.

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