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MO3 decodes MO3 files back to their original format.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 86K
Developer: Ian Luck
Price: $0.00
Updated: 22 Feb 2006
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MO3 decodes MO3 files back to their original format. It can be used together with BASSMOD to play MO3 files in Linux. MO3 is a file format, encapsulating the features of several "MOD" formats (IT/XM/S3M/MTM/MOD), but with one big difference - MP3 and OGG compressed samples. A lossless sample codec is also incorporated, and the whole file structure is compressed too.

MO3 has the following other editions available: MO3 for Windows and MO3 for Linux.

Here are some key features of "MO3":
MP3/OGG compression
Any command-line MP3 or OGG encoder can be used with the MO3 encoder
Lossless compression
Samples that don't compress well with MP3/OGG encoding can still be reduced in size with the lossless codec
Structure compression
All the non-sample data is also compressed
Sample specific tuning
The encoding sample/bit rates are individually adjustable for each sample, with visual comparison of original/encoded samples
Text removal
Message/instrument/sample texts can optionally be removed for a further size reduction
MO3 files can be decoded back to their original formats using UNMO3 (included)
MO3 files can be played by XMPlay and any software that uses the BASS library, also by other software in conjunction with UNMO3.

What's New:
16/22050/32hz sample rates added for OGG encoding
Further slight size reductions for all formats
UNMO3: Support for MIDI macros in XM files
GUI: File opening via drag'n'drop and the command-line.

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