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The proxy offline browser archives all web pages you have visited online.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1288K
Developer: MM3Tools Muenzenberger GbR
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Price: $29.00
Updated: 16 Dec 2005
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The proxy offline browser archives all web pages you have visited online. Offline too each page is available with its URL. There is no difference between browsing the internet and browsing the archive.
You can even use your bookmarks and favorites list offline without any changes.

When online the utility updates your cached web pages and adds new pages automatically. This feature distinguishes the utility from most other offline browsers.

MM3-WebAssistant Pro reduces the cost of web time, the work and pressure of knowing what to save, and the necessity for repeating browsing sessions looking for something that was missed. You can access the information needed whether or not the server or dial-up is available. The reliability is increased with that.

Mobile users have the flexibility of accessing information from the web without having to worry about expensive access points. With the proxy offline browser you get a more easy and effective use of the internet.

Here are some key features of "MM3 WebAssistant Pro":
All web sites visited are archived.
There is no difference between on- and off-line mode for the user.
Links to resources of cache archives are marked for quick navigation.
Highlighting the changes between HTML pages in internet and archive.
Quick search in the archives with marking the search words in the pages.
Hierarchical archive structure represents a mirror of every web site.
Interactive navigation and display of the hierarchical archive structure.
Topic-specific archiving of web pages.
Filtration of unwanted contents.
Supports the protocols HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.
Available on many platforms by use of Java[TM] technology.
Exchange of the archives also between different operating systems possible.

30 days trial.

What's New:
HTTPS functionality was extended.
Performance improvement in the transmitting.
Download of a file is stopped, if you stop the download process in the browser.
POST parameters are displayed at the Navigation in the cache archive in addition.
Extended configuration for URL- and session filters.

Java 1.4 or later.

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